• Membership to 3RDSPACE is by invitation only. If it seems from our description like a good fit for you so far, please tell us a little bit about yourself, so we can be sure it's a good fit for us as well. Our club tries to be as inclusive as possible, and maintain wide margins for "the creative." We're not snobs, but we're also not for everyone.

    Generally, here's what we look for in our members:

    Foremost, we look for creators and "change makers." Whether it's of a unique startup business, interesting blog, clever design, inspiring art, original music, or just thought-provoking conversation and progressive ideas, 3rdSpace is a club for those who disrupt the status quo, and who dare to do something different. We also look for technical folks and others who are themselves creative and/or contribute value to the creative goals of others. While our standard might seem rather high, we do strive to keep an unassuming and attitude free community, and seek members of the same thread. So don't hesitate to contact us, no matter what it is that you do. We'll keep an open mind to everyone who wishes to join. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Just a few words about what you do, as it relates to "what we look for."
  • Please give us a general idea of your creative goals and, if you know, how you'd like 3rdSpace to support those goals.
  • Questions, comments, etc.
  • Do you have a website or blog we can checkout? (please keep the http://)