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Discover if Shared Office Space is for you

3rdSpace is an educational website that focuses on the booming shared office trend.
Aiming to deliver facts about shared offices to both freelance working individuals and business owners.

Why Independent Professionals and Startups Should Use Shared Office Space

The practicality of a shared office is undeniable. The reason why it’s becoming a trend for independent professionals who doesn’t have a suitable working space at home and for startups with limited financial resources is to save money. However, that’s not all. The shared office vibe is also proven to increase productivity in work because of it’s flexible workspace nature. Where you’re not confined in a tight square space only. Those who use shared offices feel a sense of belonging because they get to share an office space with like-minded individuals that can relate to their thoughts seamlessly.


Other Benefits of Using Shared Office Space

Other than saving money for both independent professionals and startups, using shared office spaces also has some significant benefits.

  • Shared internet resources
  • Shared lobby, meeting area, and conference rooms.
  • Shared facilities such as the reception and telephone answering
  • Fully equipped, well-maintained and fully-furnished space for a low fee
  • Access newer markets and opportunities due to uniformity of interest in most cases

Using a shared office also boosts professionalism for startups and independent professionals. Welcome your clients with cutting edge professionalism, having your formal reception, lobby, and conference room. Having your business address is also a big plus. Meeting your clients and prospects in your business address is a significant upgrade than meeting them in a cafe or your house.

Should Businesses Open Free Spaces for Sharing

Office space is naturally a cash drain for entrepreneurs, especially startups. And sharing the office with independent professionals and other startup companies will drastically decrease the financial responsibility of the company running the primary office. Not to mention, the added value of having to share ideas and bond with like-minded individuals anytime. It also increases the network of the business that’s sharing the office.

What do people think of Shared office?

A shared office is not just a trend. It is a sharing innovation that will stay for the longest time. Given the benefits it brings, more and more people are going to opt into using a shared office.