Coworking spaces are thriving because freelancers or independent professionals are growing more and more in numbers. Out of the total workforce population, 33% are freelancers. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll be glad to know that the advantages and benefits of coworking spaces can change more than just the quality of your work life. 

It can change the overall quality of your life as it boosts your productivity as well as offer a positive environment. Here are 3 life-changing benefits of coworking spaces.

Increased Productivity

There’s nothing like working in a place designed exactly just for that, working. One of the advantages of a coworking space is that everything is arranged in a way for you to perform better at your work as a freelancer.

In fact, according to a study, 64% of coworkers are better able to finish their work on time. 68% have also stated that they were able to focus more in coworking spaces.

While each coworking space may have a different setup, each one should have fast internet speed and a neat working space. In fact, it was found out from a study that the average internet speed provided by coworking spaces is 156 mbps. 

12% of coworking spaces even provide internet with speeds up to 500 mbps or higher. Some offer more and may have printing services, monitor capabilities, function rooms and more.

There are even some coworking spaces that also offer food. You no longer have to go out and waste some of your time just to get yourself something to eat. You can just make your order and eat where you work. 

There’s also no distractions. Most if not all the other people at a coworking space are also busy with their work. This can affect you positively as seeing other people working also pushes you to do more.

Being in a coworking space also sets your mind to “work mode”. It’s much like going to the gym solely to exercise or going to the theaters to watch a movie. Once you arrive in a coworking space, you’ll know what to do and you’ll be focused on achieving your goals for the day.

While coworking spaces require a budget, 50% of coworkers reported to have increased incomes. 

To summarize, here’s how a coworking space can increase your productivity:

  • Fast internet speed
  • Neat working area
  • Miscellaneous services
  • Food can be available to order within the premise
  • There can be no distractions
  • Being in a coworking spaces can prime you into “work mode”

Again, here are the results of coworking spaces in relation to productivity:

  1. 64% of coworkers are better able to finish their work on time.
  2. 68% have stated that they were able to focus more in coworking spaces.
  3. 50% of coworkers reported to have increased incomes.

Increased well-being

According to an extensive survey, 89% of coworking space users reported that they have become happier since their use of the establishments. 

Here are more statistics about coworking spaces in relation to well-being:

  1. 54% socialize with other members of the coworking space outside the establishment during the weekends or after work.
  2. 80% said that interaction with the other members is what they liked best about coworking spaces.
  3. 84% of coworkers said that they feel more motivated and inspired
  4. 68% reported that they have improved their skills because of doing their work in coworking spaces.
  5. 60% have become more relaxed at him since coworking.

While working at home may be a viable option, you’ll end up in an environmental rut if you keep on staying too long in one place. Plus, lighting and air quality also affects not just your productivity but also your cognitive function. 

One of the benefits of coworking spaces is that you’ll have many working spots to choose from. If you need to be really focused and require peace from everyone else, there are areas dedicated for that purpose. 

According to statistics, 25% of the area of a coworking space is dedicated to a private office. They are meant for individuals or group of people that demand privacy and or freedom from any distractions.

If you want to be more social, there are areas wherein you can get the chance to communicate with others. Coworking spaces may also have plants and other decorations that are good for your eyes. 

Chances are, you won’t have to get stuck in one place too long in a coworking space. The people you are coworking with also plays a huge part in your well-being. They can help boost your morale and support you emotionally.

More than that, they could even help you out with your projects. In fact, 82% mentioned that coworking spaces have expanded their professional networks. 

Moreover, physical and mental wellness have also become a focus of coworking spaces. More than coworking areas, the establishment may also have a gym, yoga spaces, healthy snack bars and even a meditation room.

Apart from the statistics, here’s how coworking spaces help you with your well-being:

  • Good lighting and air quality
  • Different working areas
  • Healthy interior design
  • Added facilities centered on physical and mental wellness

Community and Networking

While others go to a coworking space to work on their project alone, many actually consider the community as one of the most important benefits of coworking spaces. It’s a great place to meet people with specific sets of skills and to collaborate with them.

Within coworking spaces are not just freelancers but business owners or other employees working on their side hustle during their free time. The community can be a great place for you to find investors or businesses that you would want to invest in. 

You could meet someone that could help you out with solving your work-related problems. These advantages of a coworking space are what attracts freelancers and other independent professionals.

Statistics shown earlier can also be applied in community and networking. This is because well-being is also closely tied to community and networking.

The benefits of coworking spaces are not something you could easily find at home or in any other places. They are a great place for working while also having good lifestyle and maintaining a healthy well-being. 

While what we’ve mentioned are but a few of the many benefits of coworking spaces, these are indeed 3 life-changing benefits you can experience through a coworking space. 

Again, the 3 life-changing benefits of coworking spaces are:

1. Increased Productivity

2. Increased well-being

3. Community and networking

We hope you found this article helpful with information you can immediately use. Coworking spaces are becoming a global trend and it’s popularity will only keep on growing as the number of freelancers also continue to grow. 

If you’re experiencing an environment rut or if you need a place to be more productive, you now know what to look for. Enjoy the many benefits of coworking spaces. Find one near you.