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3 Life-Changing Benefits of Coworking Spaces [Case Study]

by Kristie Elliott • October 14, 2019

Coworking spaces are thriving because freelancers or independent professionals are growing more and more in numbers. Out of the total workforce population, 33% are freelancers. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll be glad to know that the advantages and benefits of coworking spaces can change more than just the quality of your work life.  It can […]

Top 5 Reasons Coworking Spaces are Trending [Case Study]

by Kristie Elliott • October 7, 2019

As technology and innovation is on the rise, more solutions and opportunities continue to grow. In the aspect of the workplace environment, coworking spaces are becoming a popular trend. The popularity of coworking spaces began to explode only recently when freelancing and doing online businesses became an effective strategy for earning. There became a sudden […]